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We are confident to satisfy the needs of our clients both in the area of the flow of bulk materials in storage vessels and silos as well as in the area of using acoustic energy in cleaning of technologies.

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Ensuring flow of bulk materials by using a system of Myrlen air pulse nozzles


Airsweep® system of Myrlen® air pulse nozzles 

It belongs among very efficient technical solutions of ensuring the flow of bulk materials in storage vessels. So called "dead" zones, the formation of chimneys, funnels and bridges can be generally encountered in all vessels and silos of bulk materials. The application of the system of Myrlen® air pulse nozzles resolves problems, if any, with non-flowing bulk materials in vessels, conduits, pours and in other follow-up transport technologies. From practical life, we can mention our experience from ensuring the flow of lignite with up to 55 % of relative humidity where vibrators as well as air cannons were removed.


Areas of using the supplied technology

The system of Myrlen® air pulse nozzles is installed in any locations storing and transporting bulk materials.


  • Permanent guarantee of the flow of bulk material also upon the change of its mechanical and physical properties (e.g. storage time, season, etc.). 
  • Low energy intensity, i.e. consumption of the existing compressed air.
  • Very easy maintenances of equipment and low consumption of spare parts.
  • Quick installation on the wall of a storage silo – the installation only takes a few hours.
  • Usable in explosive environments of FTZÚ (Physical Technical Testing Institute) 15 ATEX 0129.
  • Use in food industry in contact with food – Certificate 15 0040.


“Thanks to the technology of Myrlen® pulse nozzles, you will not have to mechanically hammer your silos and more.”


Cleaning of technology by means of acoustics


The system of acoustic horns (generators)

uses high levels of radiated sound pressure Ltotal = 135 dB and basic harmonic frequency from f1 = 70 Hz to 270 Hz. Therefore, these are always powerful acoustic sources that are used in cleaning of technology without the need of shutdown of the entire technological equipment.


Areas of using the supplied technology

Cleaning of boilers in heating plants and power plants.
Cleaning of fan impellers in heatings plants, power plants and cement plants.
Cleaning of inner walls of silos and storage vessels from stuck materials and the so called "dead" zones.



  • Omnidirectional radiation, which means higher efficiency of cleaning in technology areas. 
  • Low energy intensity compared to e.g. steam blowers.
  • Very easy device maintenance only consisting in the replacement of the titan membrane in the horn body depending on operating hours.
  • Quick installation of the acoustic horn on technology, only by welding a mounting flange – the application only takes a few hours.


“Thanks to the regular operation of acoustic horns, you will avoid shutdowns of technology and mechanical cleaning.”


Využíváme energii lokálního ohřevu


Topné rohože využíváme pro rovnoměrný a celoplošný ohřev technologií. Tento technický prvek zařazujeme dle potřeby do projektů při řešení toku sypkých hmot, kdy eliminujeme nálepy na vnitřních stěnách převážně ocelových svodek.


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