Our company is a high quality partner to its customers not only during supplies of equipment but also during its entire life. We have been ensuring regular servicing at our business partners and customers at least once a year already since 2000. The servicing is carried out by a field team of our competent and trained staff that has many years of practical experience in the area. Our employees ensure both installation of technology and assist in putting the supplied technologies in permanent operation. Subsequently, they perform training of operational staff and ensure guarantee and after-guarantee servicing.


Regular servicing

We continuously innovate the supplied technologies through regular servicing and personal contact with our customers, thus ensuring trouble-free operation of all supplied devices. For you, our customers, we perform planned servicing on grounds of concluded service agreements at least once a year. We also perform unscheduled servicing according to individual needs of every company.

Low operating costs of the serviced equipment

Ensuring low operating costs is our priority towards you, our customers. We also care of operational safety of the supplied equipment. Therefore, we put great emphasis on regular maintenance and standard service inspections of every supplied device.

Undersigned service contracts

We have tailor-made service contracts with our partners that reflect specific individual needs of an operator. The contracts are concluded for one year, three years as well as for an indefinite period of time. With some partners, we have also performed the so called fixing of the price of service works and spare parts.

Free technical and consultancy services

Our regular customers are offered free consultancy service when resolving various technical issues in the area of the flow of bulk materials and acoustic cleaning. The service is regularly used by our customers, which is pleasing.

Two service centres in the Czech Republic

For our customers in the Czech Republic, we have constructed two service centres to be able to flexibly and operatively respond to their operational needs. We have a service centre in Čížkovice/Sulejovice covering the region of Bohemia. For our customers in Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia, there is a service centre in Ostrava. Both service centres offer engineers and storages of spare parts.

Service centres abroad

When implementing orders abroad, complete servicing and supplies of spare parts are ensured by our partners in individual countries. A list of our exclusive representations abroad is available here.

Office in Ostrava

Office in Sulejovice

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