Research and Development

Growing customer requirements and the legislative framework require increasingly sophisticated technologies. Therefore, in close cooperation with our customers, departments of universities, scientific and research institutes, we explore and develop new technologies in the area of the highly complex issue of the flow of bulk materials. Results of the research are used for the creation of innovative methods of increasing economic efficiency and generation of new solutions.

Since 2006, we have been closely cooperating with researchers from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Our company has invested millions of crowns from its own sources in research and development projects so far. We will continues in the trend also in the future and plan to finance further development of new technologies and technological procedures in the area of the flow of bulk materials and acoustic cleaning of technology. We currently support a research project entitled "Application of the acoustic energy for cleaning of the technology".

We are sure that research in itself is a prerequisite of maintaining our competitiveness and prosperity, and it has been integrated in our company's priorities. By supporting and being involved in various projects of applied research and experimental development, we are building prerequisites for maintaining a leading position in the market and also a potential of our future evolution and growth.

Launching a new product to the market is foregone by several years of research and testing

At present, there are many projects underway, both in the area of using pressure pulses in bulk materials and in the area of using acoustic energy to increase efficiency of power equipment..

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