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We are sure that we provide our customers with a comprehensive technical solution in the area of the flow of bulk materials and in the area of acoustic cleaning of technologies. Since 2000 we have already installed thousands of pulse nozzles and resolved many technical problems of our customers.

The main emphasis is put on the achievement of the following objectives

  • Every business case is always approached individually and every proposed technical solution is tailored to a specific situation.
  • We provide free expert technical assistance to ensure the flow of bulk material in technologies, i.e. elimination of the so called "dead" zones, bridging.
  • We perform testing of the flow of a specific sample of bulk material in two test tanks.
  • We provide independent analysis of mechanical-physical properties of bulk material directly in the special Laboratory of Bulk Materials.
  • In cooperation with researchers, we provide technical assistance in the determination of procedures of cleaning boilers and fans.
  • We are always ready to test standard types of acoustic horns in specific conditions at a customer.


The scheme of our approach to a business case


Who will benefit from our solutions?

Our technology of the system of Myrlen® pulse nozzles helps our customers and operators meet the current applicable legislation of the Czech Republic, i.e. Government Decree 378/2001 Coll. An expert opinion and recommendation for the system of Myrlen® pulse nozzles was issued to us by the Czech Occupational Safety Authority already in 2004.

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